Seizing learning opportunities and unlocking the gate to a borderless technological sphere in Thailand’s most renowned blockchain conference: Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023, held for the 6th consecutive year under the concept “Build in Bear, Rise in Bull” to catch up with every trend in the blockchain arena, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

This event is where leading project executives, representatives from the public sector, and politicians, both at the national and international level, gather to broaden perspectives toward the future of Blockchain in Thailand, along with various activities to join and win prizes valued at over 500,000 baht. 

Mr. Prasert Chanthararuangthong, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DES), said: In today’s era, technology plays a vital role in driving society and the economy. One of the most promising technologies is blockchain. If Thailand can fully leverage blockchain technology, it can bring about numerous benefits, including performance enhancement, procedure simplification, or reduced transaction costs, as well as mitigating the risks of corruption. It will ensure transparency and verifiability while also unlocking new opportunities to cross-border trading and market penetration, with new jobs, business opportunities, and professional emergence related to the blockchain technology, as it has an open and neutral nature, meaning it is accessible by everyone equally. In order for Thailand to fully benefit from blockchain technology, all Thais are recommended to prepare themselves, adapt, and learn about this technology. This can start from something simple like getting familiar with blockchain, studying use cases, and always keeping updated to confidently enter the borderless world and maximize the benefit of the tool.
 Mr. Sanjay Popli, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cryptomind Group Holding Company Limited, as the title host, added: This year's event was organized under the concept "Build in Bear, Rise in Bull." This is because the bear market is when investors are often concerned about uncontrollable factors such as the global economy, central banks’ monetary policies, and digital asset regulations, which bring down the price of digital assets. On the other hand, the bear market also offers an opportunity for investors to acquire digital assets at lower prices. Most successful investors regularly spend this period on efficiently enhancing their knowledge and skills necessary for investment in digital assets. 

Considering the digital asset market as a whole, we will notice that Bitcoin projects the highest growth trend compared to the others. Moreover, there will be the upcoming Bitcoin Halving in 2024 and the approval of Bitcoin SPOT ETF, which has an increasingly positive trend. Moreover, domestic factors such as numerical statistics of trading accounts and trading value in Thailand have been increasing, and large enterprises and financial institutions have initiated investments to provide services in the cryptocurrency market.

These are indications that Thailand has the potential to become the cryptocurrency hub of ASEAN. We proceed under regulation of the SEC. We have multiple players and a comprehensive community. Hence, Thailand’s largest blockchain event, Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023, is organized to equip Thai people for future trends. 

Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023, held for the 6th consecutive year under the concept “Build in Bear, Rise in Bull”

This year’s event is bigger than ever before, using hybrid approaches, with over 170 leading influencers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets, both from Thailand and international countries, engaging in conversations, discussions, and knowledge sharing in more than 50 sessions held on the three stages, with over 250 translation headphones prepared for sessions of foreign speakers, as well as games and activities to win prizes. Moreover, don’t miss out on the carefully curated workshops packed with knowledge. Apart from those, leading companies also have booths throughout the two-day event. Noteworthy topics on the panel discussion include: “Is giving away 10,000 Digital Baht more beneficial or detrimental?” and “They say Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme…”

Enjoy the full parade of prizes, the finale being – iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPad 10th Gen, and giveaways from sponsors, valuing over 500,000 baht. After the main conference, you can also join another 50 side events that will be uninterruptedly held as part of Thailand Blockchain Week 2023 from November 8-15, 2023. Mr. Sanjay concluded. 

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